Our History

Analyzer was founded in 2008 with the objective of providing engineering solutions using cutting-edge CAE tools.

Analyzer has experts with more than 10 years of experience in various domains who guide the CAE engineers to achieve the desired goal set by clients.   Analyzer started its CFD and FEA services in Pune, India by providing support to the local market. Analyzer has expanded its services to the international market and is supporting various domestic and international clients across the globe.   As of today Analyzer has a retention of more than 95% of its clients, this has been achieved by providing high-quality, time-bound and cost-effective engineering solutions. At Analyzer we are client-centric and provide solutions which help them either improve their product or resolve existing problems.   We have a highly experienced engineering team which is very dedicated to the client's requirement and provide tailor-made solutions. Our team puts extra effort to achieve the goals and deadlines set by the client and always tries to excel the expectations of the client. This has helped in gaining the confidence and trust of the client which reflects in the repetitive business that we have been receiving over the years.   We have been serving various engineering verticals, some of the key verticals being Automotive, Aerospace, Turbomachinery, Heavy engineering, HVAC, Oil & Gas and the Process industry.


To become a leading engineering company which can provide end-to-end CAE solutions to its clients and help them achieve innovative solutions


  • Acquire Knowledge and Expertise on the latest CAE tools
  • Build a team of the brightest and most intellectual CAE engineers
  • Share and acquire CAE knowledge from experts, and pass it to new-generation CAE engineers
  • Grow the business with valuable and meaningful partnerships and create symbiotic relationships with various industries