Today, the field of electronics echoes the need of advanced research and analysis to meet the requirements of the rapidly and constantly developing technology around the globe. Analyzer is your perfect choice for the technological analysis and solutions for electronic products. With a team of dedicated engineers on a quest for perfection, Analyzer ensures you superior performances in wide spectrum of technical analysis types. A glimpse of the problems tackled by Analyzer are given below,

FEA in Electronics Industry

  1. FEA of Cabinets: Structural analysis of cabinet for determining the cabinet stiffness. Modal and response analysis of cabinets considering major frame members.
  2. FEA of Integrated Circuits (IC) and PCB: Structural analysis of IC and PCB is done for thermal stress management, which get induce due to differential thermal expansion.
  3. FEA of Consumer Goods: Structural analysis of desktop, cell phones, servers, storage devices, etc, for impact and thermal loadings.
  4. FEA of Power Electronics: Electric motors, transformers etc. are analyzed for structural stability, vibrations loading.

CFD in Electronics Industry

  1. CFD of Cabinets: System level flow and thermal simulation of cabinet for determining the flow path and temperature distribution inside the cabinet. Defining the required number of cooling fans based on developed flow & temperature distribution. Determining the dead zones within cabinet and providing perforation at an appropriate location for removing the dead zones and improving cooling effect within cabinet.
  2. CFD of Integrated Circuits (IC) and PCB: Component level flow & thermal simulation of IC’s & multilayered PCB’s for determining the thermal distribution within this components. Making effective modifications within fan flow capacity and perforation opening location & size for maintaining the temperature within permissible limit.
  3. CFD of P-N Junction Analysis: P-N junction packaging thermal analysis by considering all contact resistances for determining the temperature at P-N junction due to heat released at junction.
  4. CFD of Consumer Goods: Consumer goods like desktop, cell phones, servers, storage devices, etc. are analyzed for flow pattern and thermal distribution for different ambient condition