Evaluation of Sump Performance (Horizontal Pump)



In heavy engineering industry, sumps are used to store & supply liquid to the pumps. It is very important that pump suction should receive uniform, vortex free & swirl free flow from the sump, so that pump can perform efficiently at its operating point. Sump containing the multiple number of components make it more complex system to study & judge. CFD helps in understanding the sump performance by simulating all complexities within the sump & also helps in improving the sump performance by carrying out various design modification iterations within the sump.


  • Proper consideration of resistance for various components like screens and strainers.
  • Design modifications, if any required for acceptable performance of Pump Sump as per Hydraulic Institute Standards (HIS).

The Solution

Flow analysis of Pump-Sump is quite challenging due to consideration of various components like multiple number of pumps, sluice gates, raking-screens, travelling screens & strainers which makes the Sump system highly complex to study & judge. CFD helps in identifying the formation of vortex & swirl below bell-mouth, which reduces pump performance by increasing swirl angle at pump suction. After identifying all above issues sump design modified to improve flow pattern within sump & below the bell-mouth which furtherĀ helps in reducing swirl angle at pump suction. Also CFD helps in determining sump performance during cross flow within sump under various pump & sluice gate working combinations.


  • For various pump & sluice gate working combinations, sump performance at pump suction is predicted beforehand.
  • Quick turnaround time to high swirl angle problem at pump suction.
  • Cost effective solution for reduced number of trials with improved Sump performance.