Process industry involves various critical equipment at extremely high pressure and temperatures. Analyzer has established a reputation in global markets for innovatively engineered custom designs of process equipment. We provide technological solutions to the most complex process industry problems. A glimpse of the problems tackled by Analyzer are given below,

FEA in Process Industry

  1. FEA of Process Equipment Valves: Coupled transient thermal analysis of valves to observe the severe thermal stresses induced within valve and assessment of valve for thermal shock & thermal creep failures.
  2. FEA of Mixers: Mixing is a very important parameter in process industry. Structural analysis of mixer under various loading conditions for ensuring the operability & avoiding the catastrophic failures of mixer components.

CFD in Process Industry

  1. CFD of Valves: Evaluation of valve coefficient and taking counter measures in valve design for improving the valve coefficient. Determining the valve opening position angle based on available mechanical torque data & CFD torque data. Checking for effective mixing within valves for different type of liquids.
  2. CFD of Super-heaters: Flow and thermal simulation of super-heater for evaluating the flow uniformity at various tube bundles entry. To generate the accurate thermal profile over Super-heater components for further structural analysis.
  3. CFD of Economizer: Simulation of economizers for determining the flow uniformity at tube bundle entry, which affects the heat transfer rate from the economizer. Also determining any possibility of tube rupture, which occurs due to high velocity ash particle hitting at tubes over long period. Suggesting effective design modifications for prolong operation of Economizer tube bundle.
  4. CFD of ESP: Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) are simulated for making the flow more & more uniform just before the collector plate bundles which increases the charged particle separation efficiency. Making effective modifications within diffuser, perforation plate designs for improving the uniformity at Collector plate bundle.
  5. CFD of Cyclone Separator: Simulation of cyclone separator for determining the dust separation efficiency & pressure losses across cyclone separator. Making effective design modifications within cyclone duct for improving the dust separation efficiency while keeping the pressure losses within permissible limit.
  6. CFD of Duct: Ducts analyzed for studying the flow path through various passages of duct and for determining the pressure drop across ducts.
  7. CFD of Heat Exchangers and Vaporizer: Flow and thermal simulation of heat exchanger for determining the overall heat transfer across tube banks under various atmospheric conditions.
  8. CFD of Compressor: Flow and thermal simulation of reciprocating compressor using moving dynamic mesh techniques for determining the flow pattern inside piston chamber especially near the clearance volume. Also making the design modifications in clearance volume for improving the volumetric efficiency of compressor.