January 25, 2024

CFD Analysis of Storage Water Heater

CFD analysis of a Storage Water Heater under various Standard Test Cycle conditions revealed insights into transient flow, thermal characteristics and key performance parameters.
April 8, 2023

CFD Analysis of ESP

CFD simulation of electrostatic precipitator to optimize flow uniformity and maximize performance & life.
April 8, 2023

CFD Analysis of Vaporizer

CFD Analysis is a process used to investigate the dynamics of heat transfer in vaporizers through the modelling of conduction and convection modes.
April 8, 2023

CFD Analysis of Swing Check Vlave

CFD is used to determine the opening position of a Swing Check Valve disc during steady state operating condition by calculating the torque acting on it.
April 8, 2023

CFD Analysis of Cyclone Dust Collector

CFD is used to accurately determine the back pressure, particle separation efficiency and velocity profile in cyclone separators, which are important in the mineral and coal industries.
April 8, 2023

CFD Analysis of HRSG Unit

CFD is used for improving the performance of an HRSG unit by identifying and correcting flow uniformity issues and flow leakages.
April 7, 2023

Thermal Analysis of Valve

FEA can be used to conduct static and transient thermal analysis and the FSI approach is used to solve more complex problems in order to ensure the safety of valves subjected to high temperatures.
April 7, 2023

FEA of Ball Mill

Analyzer provided FEA services to evaluate the design of a Ball-Mill to multiple static and fatigue loadings, optimizing thickness and preventing fatigue failure.
April 7, 2023

Harmonic Responce Analysis of Structure

To determine the reason for the crack and avoid failure due to fatigue load on the vessel.